Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our newest baby

First, I want to thank our dear friends Jimmy and Kim for bringing this new bundle of joy into our lives (imagine me saying this with light sarcasm in my voice). Jimmy was kind enough to bring 3 puppies to our house tonight, so the kids could pick the one they wanted. After about an hour of our kids running back and forth between Michael and I saying "go ask your mom"and "go ask your dad", Jimmy drove away leaving one behind. Later Michael and I realized that neither of us had actually said the word "YES"...boy, one of us needs to take control around here!! She IS cute, hopefully she stays that way. The kids have decided to name her Daisy.
Jess gave her some water in this tiny bowl. She immediately dumped it over and started chewing. I guess that means I'll be getting her some toys to gnaw on really soon.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Better Late Than Never...

Well, I figured it was time to write a new post after a month and a half. We had finally started getting back into a routine after being gone for 4 weeks when the kids had spring break and I started my 5th quarter of school (only 3 to go!!). I am taking a color theory class on Fridays and Psychology and my second English class online. The reading load required when taking an online class is ridiculous!! So, most things (like blogging) have been put on hold until June 10th. The only reason I'm blogging now is because I should be writing an essay and I DON"T WANNA!!
Here are a few shots from our trip to Florida...

Tinkerbell was awesome! She told Casey, "Your mom must have magic fairy powers to make such a neat autograph book!" At least somebody noticed the many hours of cutting and gluing, and cutting and gluing, and cutting and get the point ;)

Jacob and Michael's niece Valeri

Okay, these squished pennies were the best souvenirs ever! Even when all three kids got one it was only $1.53!! Talk about a bargain! I would definitely recommend taking a roll of quarters and pennies to Disney World. These machines were at every ride and the kids came home with quite a collection, but they were so cheap I never had to say no.

Here's the shot everyone that ever goes to Disney has to get...

This picture was taken at Gatorland in Orlando...
My Boys

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where we've been...

Well, I know that some of you know what's been going on in our world, but I think I'm ready to tell everyone else. When I last posted, we were on our way to the happiest place on earth. Our trip did not end so happily. Here's a rundown of what we squeezed in- Disney on Monday, Gatorland on Tuesday, Downtown Disney on Wed., and Thursday we headed to Universal Studios. The original plan was to go with Michael's sister (Paula) and her family, and his brother (Bruce) and his family. At the last minute Bruce decided that he shouldn't go due to some issues with work, this turned out to be a good thing. On Tuesday we got a call that Mike's mom(Ella) had been admitted to the hospital because she was having a hard time breathing. (She had been battling lung cancer for 4 years) Since we didn't want to worry the kids we continued with our plans, cell phones charged and in hand for the next 2 days. On Thursday afternoon, Bruce called and said that the doctors had only given Ella 24-48 hours to live. We immediately went back to the rental house, loaded the cars and raced to Massachusetts.
When we got there, she looked terrible with the breathing machine pumping her chest and all the other tubes and wires coming from her body. We spent the next few days in the hospital and to the doctors amazement she started to recover. Because the cancer had consumed 70% of her lungs, we knew she would never fully recover but she was able to come off the breathing machine and use only and oxygen tank. She was able to sit up and see everyone and talk to us all. They moved her to a nursing home after about 10 days in the hospital. We stayed for 3 more days and she was doing so well in her new place that we made the decision to come home. Paula and Bruce alternated their time with her for the next few days, making sure she wasn't alone for any extended period of time. On Thursday of that week, Ella headed down hill fast. She told the kids that she was tired and ready to go "home". Mike booked a flight out for Friday morning but didn't make it in time. She passed away on Friday, while she was alone. I think she didn't want her kids to be there when she went. It has been so hard on them. All 3 kids were very close to their Mama and they miss her so much.
I jumped on a plane the next day with my kids and we were in Mass for most of the week with funeral arrangements. The funeral was small but beautiful, and the cemetery where she was buried is across from the street where Bruce lives. He can actually see her spot from his 2nd story window. He's keeping an eye on her.
So, after almost a month of traveling, we're back home and things are settling down now. I'll try to get some pics from Disney up soon, I just didn't think this was the appropriate time. Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and cards. We really do appreciate them.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guess what I found...

While cleaning up the garage Monday, I found my camera's USB cable. YAYYYY!!! Now I can blog with my pics again (not today though, way too busy). Apparently it got tangled with SOMEONE'S headphones and was taken to the car. This person (my middle child) left my cable in a pile of junk down there so it wouldn't get lost in the car...
Anyway, I'll be posting some fun stuff soon. Be on the lookout for a big mouse with red shorts and large white gloves. We're going to Disney World!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I strongly considered taking down my blog just now. I have had serious issues with getting pictures onto the computer lately. I still don't know where the usb cable is to my camera...It must have grown legs and walked away from the desk! A few days after Christmas, I decided to upload my pics using the SD card slot on my new laptop...THE COMPUTER ATE MY PICS!!!! They are gone from the card and they are gone from my computer!! I have been so upset about losing all of the pictures I've taken since September! Luckily I whined about it to the right person because I found out that the images are never truly gone from th sd card and that WalMart can send it to their lab and have your pictures recovered! I am so happy, thanks Renee!
Here are a few pictures that I stole from my friend Megan's Facebook account. I guess it's fortunate because y'all get to see me actually in a picture instead of behind the camera. Here we are after making Gingerbread houses at my Mom's before Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stop the madness!

Here I am all dressed up to do my daily tasks!! HE!HE! Just kidding! I don't usually wear heels to cook!

Yes, I do realize that I haven't posted in a whole month now! I have been so extremely busy and blogging wasn't exactly at the top of my list. I actually did sit down tonight with the full intention of posting lots of great pictures, but the usb plug that fits my camera is mysteriously missing! No one knows where it has gone! Maybe it grew legs and walked away from my computer desk...I guess it's possible! Here is a list of just a few things that we have been up to:
1. My finals-one 7 page research paper, one project board for the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce board room, two 3-D drawings- a studio apartment and a conference room.
2. Christmas shopping
3. Magical night of lights at Lake Lanier
4. Two gingerbread houses
5. Christmas Shopping
6. Parties at school
7. Casey's braces coming off
8. Homemade caramels
9.Christmas Shopping
10. A fun day at my Grandma's with my Dad's side of the family
...and much, much more!

Maybe I'll find that cord sometime over the Christmas break and get some pics up!
Merry Christmas to all! May you get everything on your wish list!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Falcons and Grizzlies

I think this might be the last football post for a while. :) Jess's team had the chance to play ball in the Georgia Dome after the Atlanta Falcons game last week. It was so much fun! Unfortunately the Falcons didn't win but it was a good game, close score throughout. Jacob loved the mascot and wanted me to take pictures of him doing all sorts of crazy things like riding a 4-wheeler while sitting on it backwards. He was quite entertaining! During the 3rd quarter the Falcons rep came and got our boys so that they could get suited up for their game. When the big boys were done, the Jr. Grizzlies took the field! They also played a good game. What a cool experience to play SUNDAY football in such a big place!

They had security standing at all entrances to the field for most of Jess's game, but near the end they disappeared. I quietly urged Casey and Jacob to run down the stairs, rub the turf, and then run back. After a little hesitation, they did it. We were SO close, it would have been a shame for them not to take the opportunity to do something they will probably never get to do again!! All you football fans know what I mean! It was a big deal!

The Fans...
Waiting on the sidelines, Jess is #6...
Papa and Jaja...
After the game...

The guys...