Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our newest baby

First, I want to thank our dear friends Jimmy and Kim for bringing this new bundle of joy into our lives (imagine me saying this with light sarcasm in my voice). Jimmy was kind enough to bring 3 puppies to our house tonight, so the kids could pick the one they wanted. After about an hour of our kids running back and forth between Michael and I saying "go ask your mom"and "go ask your dad", Jimmy drove away leaving one behind. Later Michael and I realized that neither of us had actually said the word "YES"...boy, one of us needs to take control around here!! She IS cute, hopefully she stays that way. The kids have decided to name her Daisy.
Jess gave her some water in this tiny bowl. She immediately dumped it over and started chewing. I guess that means I'll be getting her some toys to gnaw on really soon.


Queen M said...

She is cute. What kind is she?

If you need a dog house I have one you can have. It came with our house and we don't/won't have a dog.

Trent Family said...

Congratulations! What a cutie! I hope the kids take good care of it.